Range Rules

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Range Maintenance of ANY kind takes precedence over individuals shooting. If work is scheduled or in progress, the range or club is closed until completed.

  1. All shooters must sign in & out on each range, specifying membership           number, time in, time out, gun caliber, and names of guests if any.

  2. Your membership card must be visible at all times.

  3. Shooting hours are 10 AM (except special events) to sunset (sunset time is posted on each range).

  4. Members are responsible for actions of their guests. No more than two (2) guests are permitted.

  5. Do not handle firearms behind the firing line. Firearms shall be unloaded, with actions open until on the line. Conceal carry firearms must be unloaded while on club property.

  6. Do not handle firearms when people are down range!

  7. Report infractions of these and any other rules to any Club Officer or Board member.

  8. Infractions may result in suspension or revocation of membership privileges.

  9. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on KF&GA property.

  10. Clean up trash before leaving the range.

  11. Ear and eye protection is required on all ranges.

  12. Firearms shall be cased or flagged, unloaded, with the actions open until on the firing line.

  13. Guests must sign a one-day waiver.

25/50 Yard Pistol* Range

1. Handguns only on this range. ** Rifles in .17 rimfire and .22 rimfire are permitted.

2. Muzzle shall be kept below backstop at all times.

3. Do not hang targets on upright or horizontal supports. Use paper targets only.

4. Firearms shall be loaded with a maximum of six (6) rounds.

25/50 Yard Center Fire Rifle Range

1. Center fire rifles only.

2. Five (5) rounds maximum.

3. No shotguns

4. Paper or cardboard targets only.

5. Do not hang targets on upright or horizontal supports.

6. No midrange targets.

7. No full auto firearms

8 No 50 cal. BMG

NOTE: 25/50 yard Rifle range is a CENTER FIRE RANGE ONLY.  No 22's, 17 rimfire or shotguns are permitted on this range.

100 Yard Rifle Range

  1. Rifles only, with exception of pistol permit holders.

  2. Shotguns with slugs may be fired at the far right homasote.

  3. Five rounds maximum in magazine.

  4. No mid-range targets.

  5. Do not hang targets on uprights or horizontal supports.

  6. Use paper targets only.

50 Yard Rifle Range

  1. Rimfire, Centerfire and black powder rifles only

  2. Shotgun may be fired at the far right homasote only

  3. No Handguns

  4. Five (5) rounds maximum

  5. Paper targets only

  6. No mid-range targets

  7. No full auto weapons

  8. Do not hang targets on upright or horizontal supports

  9. AK & AR style pistols are permitted by shoulder or bench rest only. No freehand

25 Foot Range

1. Paper or cardboard targets only.

2. 25-foot Maximum shooting distance

3. Shooting from stationary position only

4. AK an AR style pistols permitted on this range only with 5 round limit

5. Do not hang targets on vertical or horizontal supports

Bowling pin Range

1. Must have bowling pin permit

2. Wooden bowling pins only

3. Must remove old bowling pins from property

4. 25 feet maximum shooting distance full metal jacket

5. Do not staple targets to tables

6. No steel targets

7. No full metal jacket

8. No cross firing

9. Handguns only, No rifles or shotguns

Trap Range

  1. Clay birds only.

  2. 12 gauge or smaller shotguns only.

  3. 7 1/2 or 8 shot low brass only.

  4. Two rounds in gun maximum.

  5. One shooter on the line at a time.

  6. No hand throwers; use the club provided manual machine. Stand only on the concrete pad adjacent to the thrower.

Shotgun Patterning Range

  1. Shotguns only.

  2. Single load Only

  3. NO Rifled slugs

  4. No Sabot slugs

  5. 35 yards maximum distance

  6. Sign in at the Trap range

Archery Range

  1. Field points only.

  2. No broadheads.

  3. No shooting when someone is down range.

  4. No handguns, shotguns or rifles.

  5. Do not hang targets on wood.

  6. Practice range safety at all times.

  7. Clean up trash before leaving.

  8. Stay on club property.

These rules have been made for your safety and to protect our facility and our neighbors. Please obey all rules and report infractions. Remember this club belongs to you and the rest of the members. - KFGA Safety Committee