Membership Information


​Becoming a member at Kimberton Fish & Game Association has many benefits.  We encourage our community of members to promote a wide range of shooting sports, firearms safety and community involvement while providing a place where members of every skill level can practice and train in the disciplines of both firearms and archery activities. 

We limit the total number of active members in order to maintain the club facilities, allow members to have a safe experience while at the club, as well as consideration for our neighbors while keeping our ranges open without crowding.

We determine the number of new member positions based on the number of vacancies we have, or anticipate.  We award new memberships based on demonstrated firearms safety and successful completion of range orientation as conducted by the Board of Directors.  If you are considering application for membership and you are not experienced with firearms, we suggest taking a firearms safety and training course at a local public range.  To become a member you will need a firearm, you will need to be familiar with it - and comfortable using it safely.  You will need ammunition to practice and demonstrate your ability to use it.

Each year when membership is opened we will notify the current membership that openings are available. This notification will come at a general membership meeting as well as via email to all members with a valid email address. We do not post the openings on the club webpage. Once we open new member applications additional pages will be available on our web site.  These pages will include membership applications and online payment tools, applications will also be available at the monthly general membership meetings.   

Membership at Kimberton Fish & Game Association requires candidates be “sponsored” by a current member.  If you want to be considered for membership, please communicate this with your sponsor and when the applications are made available online you can download these forms and submit them or mail them to us.  We support the NRA, to become a member at Kimberton you also need to be an active member of the NRA.


Memberships will be awarded on a first come first served basis until the membership is full.  Remaining requests will be kept on a waiting list.  Waiting lists will automatically be voided at the close of the membership year, if you are not contacted you will need to re-apply the following year.  Failure to attend your scheduled orientation will result in forfeiture of your spot in the application order and the next waiting candidate will be notified.

Membership information is also available in person at the General Membership meetings held on the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 PM.  Prospective members may come to the meetings with their sponsor. Attending the meetings will allow you to familiarize yourself with the club and members, keep in mind that you can only apply or join during the annual membership period.  The sponsor must nominate the candidate at a General Membership meeting.  Adult dues are $100 / yr. plus a one-time $50 initiation fee. 

Membership Categories

Adult Members: Adults age of 18 and older, who pay the annual fee have full access to the property from dawn to dusk, are able to attend every event, vote in annual elections and run for board positions.  Annual dues $100.

Spousal Members: Adults who are spouses of Regular Members, have all of the same rights as their Adult Spouse member.  Annual dues $50.


Junior Member: Members under the age of 18, who are related to an Adult member. Junior members may access club property WITH an adult or spousal member, but are not able to vote in the general elections or on member topics that affect the club.  Annual dues $25.

Senior Members: Existing senior members are full members with full rights. Annual renewal dues $40, existing members are grandfathered and may renew, this category is closed to new membership.

Life member: Adult members in good standing for (5) consecutive years must apply to the Board of Directors, there is a one-time fee of $1000.  


Current Adult members may obtain board approved work credit at a rate of $10 per hour. A club embossed “chit” will be issued for this credit. A maximum of 5 chits per member per year may be applied towards your membership dues. Spouse, Life and Junior members are not eligible for this program. It is your responsibility to ask for the chits when completing a project and then mail them  with your due’s payment.  If you renew online, you simply pay the full renewal fee, and we will issue a refund for the credit you submit.

Membership Renewal

If you are a current member in good standing and wish to renew your membership you may login and complete a renewal online. Membership renewals will close December 31 each year.  We allow a grace period for payments sent in the US Mail for January, but online renewals close December 31. 


Renewals that are not paid online before midnight of December 31, or postmarked by the US Mail before January 31 will be forfeited. The renewal process is only active October 15 to December 31 each year. 

Note: All new and renewing members must review and agree to the Club Waiver Terms before proceeding.  By joining or renewing, and paying your dues, you are accepting these terms and an electronic signature is assumed.

The options are:

1. Complete Online

2. Download the forms and print and mail them with your payment

3. Request we mail you a packet